Aston Martin DB10 m.fl. på Nordre Toldbod, 29/12 2015

Sveriges Grand Prix 1955, Råbelöv Slott

Svenskt Sportvagnsmeeting 2015, Ring Knutstorp

Gavnø Autojumble 2015

Forårsmønstring på Kastellet 2015

Le Mans Classic 2014

Majestic Maersk

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2014

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2013

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2012

Knutstorp Revival 2014

Silverstone Classic 2013

Svenskt Sportvagnsmeeting 2013, Ring Knutstorp

Classic Race Aarhus 2015

Classic Race Aarhus 2014

Classic Race Aarhus 2013

Election 2012



Ghost houses and almost ghost towns

Brazos Bend State Park

Fayetteville is not a ghost town. But on a Sunday afternoon it isn't exactly downtown Manhattan either...

Greenland seen from 30,000ft in crystal clear winter weather.

Galveston, for a short period the capitol of the independent Republic of Texas. Beautiful place.

Sugar Land is the name of a city, where Imperial Sugar Company is based. The Sugar Land refinery is no longer in use.

Katy was a stop for steam engines on the Missouri - Kansas - Texas Railroad Company from 1894 until 1957.

Severe weather warning with possible tornados, but they didn't really form funnels, so we only got rain and thunder for hours.

Austin, live music capital of the world.

Vesterport station under ombygning. Skiltene er gemt væk igen...

Carlsberg i Valby efter lukningen

Alpha Diesel i Frederikshavn, da B&W stadig byggede 2-takts motorer i Danmark

Boys' toys...

Louwman Car Museum, Den Haag - the best car museum in the World?

Brett's Ford Mustang Boss 302

Curtis' Camaro

Cars and Coffee

Ford Fun Weekend 2012 is for... well you guessed it: Ford Fans! There is a car show, and some rather fast cars racing. Some of the racers are also street legal and with license plates...!
Note the light blue Cobra Jet. It is a Ford factory built, ready-to-race dragster. Everything you need to race - it is there, including mad-size tyres and a 1,200 HP engine!! It is no. 11 of 50 built, and everything down to even the wheels is marked "011".
I guess this is the closest we get to "Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday" nowadays! But no, it is not street legal, not even in the US...

Car museums